Collect Data and User Feedback on Swelly

So you’re looking for user feedback and data about user preferences, but don’t have the budgets for a market research firm? What better place to get data than Facebook? Wouldn’t it be super cool to post a quick survey on Facebook and get responses from a wide set of people — without spending any money?

Swelly, the bot, does exactly that and doesn’t cost a dime! Philipp Holly has created a really kick-ass bot that has helped 2 million users get answers to their “swells” — short and sweet surveys that give the users an option to vote and give you user preference data within hours. The categories cover beauty, fashion, travel, food, sports, tech and of course best photo.

The idea is simple : upload two photos and get quick feedback from people nearby. Stuff as random as #whatscuter to (slightly) more serious stuff like #wifi or #mobiledata.

Here’s how it works:

Once you ping Swelly on Messenger, you get the choice to explore and get a feel of how the bot works by voting, or create a Swell right away. I figured it would be nice to see what kind of stuff people ask, so I tried a Swell. Since the Swell I was asked to vote for, wasn’t really up my alley (#3), I ended up voting just for the heck of it. (Sorry!!!) Next, I browsed the categories and chose “Travel.” This time around, I actually had an opinion…one that was different from the majority! (#5)

My own swell got 13 votes within 30 minutes — pretty neat for those quick decisions.

I can totally see Swelly working for confused millennial who can’t make up her mind about the #ootd or that student who needs to do a quick poll for his college project. Way easier to do a quick & fun poll on Facebook messenger than google surveys — I mean you can even kill time by contributing to the swell community while you wait for your own results!

You’ve got our vote, Swelly!

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